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You have put your heart and soul into your creation, an offering intended to help others. You have a voice, and your words are needed.

In the meantime, the people who need to read your words or hear your voice are searching, wading through the internet, hoping to find a precious gem in the landfill of online content. Sharing your healing words is daunting. Searching for healing words is equally daunting.

I want to help you find one another.

IMPACT illustrated is new. We don’t have a lot of traffic yet… but we will. What we can offer now is inclusion of your offering in what will become a showcase of high quality content. All reviews are free at this time.

What We Accept

Please visit our About page to get a better idea of the sort of content we’re looking for. The format is not as important as the message. Your words may be packaged as a book, a journal or journaling system, a workshop or training series, articles, frameworks, even research studies. If it has the potential to improve the emotional well-being of another, we’re interested.

We will not accept materials that encourage toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing, or strategies in the same spirit as “get rich quick” schemes. We reserve the right to decline to provide a review for materials not suitable for this website.

A Word on Quality

We want to give a voice to self-published authors, in particular. If the quality of your message is high, but the quality of its delivery is low (e.g., grammatical errors, poor cover design, etc.), we may recommend resources for improving the packaging. A cover designer, for example, can make all the difference between selling a book or resource and watching it fade away.

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