Our Team

IMPACT illustrated is owned and led by Dr. Lisa Lindeman, a psychologist and writer with extensive experience in social sciences research, program evaluation, data analytics, reporting, web design, graphics design, and consulting for non-profit organizations. Dr. Lindeman works collaboratively with multiple professionals and small businesses.

Lisa Lindeman, Ph.D.

  • Owner/Founder
    • Researcher and Writer

Focus Areas

emotional well-being, social determinants of health, traumatic stress, mental health, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and out-of-school time programming

Key Skills

research and evaluation, statistical analysis, writing, editing, web design, R programming, data science, teaching and training, and curriculum development

Charles Smith, Ph.D.

  • Advisor
    • Director of Research at Prime Time Palm Beach County
    • Founder of QTurn Group, LLC

Focus Areas

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma and recovery, and program quality improvement

Key Skills

research and evaluation, assessment development, survey design, statistical analysis, academic writing, staff training and coaching, program management, and public speaking

Kristina Kapp

  • Advisor and Collaborator
    • Mental Health and Wellness Consultant

Focus Areas

mental health, peer support, disability rights, substance abuse care, health care, family therapy, and dual diagnosis

Key Skills

advocacy, support group facilitation, project management, strategic planning, team building, fundraising, and crisis intervention

Madeline Elizabeth Jaekle

  • Consultant
    • Ph.D. Candidate / Doctoral Researcher

Focus Areas

mental health, political science, and community outreach

Key Skills

peer advocacy, community mental health, academic writing, web design, web content writing, data processing, statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, public speaking, teaching, program administration, and relationship building

Kirk Norman

  • Project Manager
    • General Contractor

Focus Areas

customer support, supplies and facilities, and construction

Key Skills

relationship building, planning and coordination, management, subcontracting, procurement, and sales

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Past clients include:

QTurn Group

Survivors And Families Empowered (SAFE4Recovery)

Palm Health Foundation

The Emanuel Jackson Sr. (EJS) Project

Youth Speak Out International

Prime Time Palm Beach County

The Journey Program