What is IMPACT illustrated?

IMPACT illustrated is a burgeoning collection of books and other resources for emotional well-being shared and recommended personally by experienced therapists, researchers, teachers, healers, and helpers.

These resources can take many forms, including but not limited to:


Be they textbooks or memoirs, any book with the power to heal may be included

Journals and Workbooks

Prompts and other interactive content can provide guidance for emotional healing, grief work, insight, and more

Workshops and Trainings

In our endeavors to cultivate emotional health and happiness, we are all forever students


From blog posts in Psychology Today to white papers and published studies

Curricula and Lesson Plans

What parents, teachers, and youth workers can do to build the emotional well-being of children and teens


Tools and models for thinking about the challenges we face and making effective decisions

Our Scope

Three Currents of Emotional Development & Well-Being

IMPACT illustrated encompasses resources that promote well-being through any combination of cognitive change, contemplative practice, and the improvement of surrounding conditions. These can be summarized as three currents which contribute to emotional health: consciousness, cognition, and conditions.


Contemplative practices include meditation, mindfulness, visualization, dreamwork, and similar methods for cultivating clear awareness.


Cognitive change encompasses paths to insight and wisdom as well as strategies embodied in various cognitive therapies.


Improvement of conditions refers to efforts to build a positive environment, socially and materially, for oneself and others in a community.

Our Premise

Well-being Requires All Three

The goal of IMPACT illustrated is to share high-quality content that addresses emotional well-being across each of these three currents above. We affirm that these are not separate currents. They are interconnected and interdependent. Books and resources that explore the synergy between these domains have enormous power to transform well-being at a global level.

Resources that focus on one current in particular can also be helpful as long as they don’t conflict with the other currents. This means, for example, no toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing, or get-rich-quick schemes.

What makes these recommendations unique?

Books and resources in IMPACT illustrated will reflect the personal recommendations of experienced therapists, researchers, healers, and helpers in various professions. Contributors have a background in helping others, either through direct services, research, teaching, or the written word.

Given our scope and premise above, we seek to include a wide range of helping professions, from psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers to meditation teachers and long-term meditation practitioners, school counselors, dreamworkers, energy workers, caregivers, youth support specialists, and so on.

It’s an eclectic mix to be sure, but so too are the factors contributing to the wholeness of every individual and community.

Become a Contributor

IMPACT illustrated is seeking fellow contributors. If you have experience helping children, teens, or adults cultivate emotional wellness, whether through your services, research, teaching, or writing, you are invited to share your personal recommendations. Professional credentials (such as a degree in a related field) are great but not required.

IMPACT illustrated was created by psychologist, writer, and novice illustrator, Lisa Lindeman, Ph.D. Dr. Lindeman has devoted the past three decades to studying the causes of emotional suffering, positive emotional development, and trauma recovery.