Self-Insight Through Story Immersion






Hazel Gale, Elitsa Dermendzhiyska, Natalia Theodoridou, and a team of advisors

Needs Targeted:

self-knowledge, insight, adventure, purpose, choice, relaxation, contentment, curiosity


Consciousness, Cognition

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Betwixt is an app that presents immersive, interactive narratives designed to evoke self-insight, improve your ability to cope with stress, and promote well-being.


A meditation app like no other, Betwixt was created by a team of psychologists and science writers. You are the main character in a vivid story. A blend of imagery, sound, and rich descriptions of various sensory experiences give the story an almost hypnotic feel. At the same time, choices offered encourage active participation at every turn.

Who is This For?

Adults or teens experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness, a sense of powerlessness, or struggles involving life purpose. Anyone experiencing difficulty sustaining attention may also benefit.

The Impact

Opening Betwixt is like stepping into another realm, a liminal space that instantly and naturally lulls the mind and heart into an open, receptive state.

The creators of Betwixt have conducted research on the effects of their interactive narrative on emotion regulation, stress, and well-being with positive results. The ongoing research is available on their website.


From the website:
"The distinct combination of story and play that you find in Betwixt goes beyond delight; it’s actually key to the app’s positive impacts. Interactive narrative creates a low-stakes environment that enables experiential learning: a potent way of mastering new skills through self-driven exploration, rather than instruction. What’s more, Betwixt’s immersive experience has been designed to strengthen and focus attention, directing it to those areas where self-awareness can make the biggest difference."


One of the things that drew me to this app was its serene yet absorbing pace. In a screen-dominated world where media creators compete for attention with frenetic video sequences and clickbait, it was a simultaneously refreshing and soothing experience.

Imagery from Betwixt:

Image from the Betwixt website. Copyright © 2023 Mind Monsters Games Ltd. 

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